Maya to Houdini Conversion Course: Part 2c – collisions, how to playblast in Houdini

Maya to Houdini Conversion Course: Part 2c – collisions, how to playblast in Houdini

In this lesson Maya to Houdini conversion course you will be able to start creating particle collisions, adjusting colours, creating different instances of geometry onto your particle simulation and quickly and easily preview them in Houdini’s equivalent of a playblast. In lesson 2c you will learn collisions how to set up a collision POP adjusting […]

Maya to Houdini Conversion Course: Part 2b – Particle expressions, key frames and graph editor


This lesson will give you the confidence to start using and adjusting basic particle simulations, you’ll gain access to the animation controls and expression editor which you can use in other parts of the software In lesson 2b you will learn keyframing seting up emissions attributes impulse activation constant activation birth rate middle mouse button […]

Maya to Houdini Conversion course: Part 1b – Getting around Houdini


In this lesson you will understand the differences between the Maya and Houdini workspace and how the concept of contexts in Houdini differ from the Maya workflow.  You will leave understanding the different mindset required to quickly and easily start using Houdini. In lesson 1b you will learn How Houdini contexts differ from Maya workspace […]

Maya to Houdini Conversion Course: Part 1a – where commonly used items in Maya live in Houdini


Welcome to the Maya to Houdini conversion course in this lesson we’ll go through the course outline and what a Maya artist needs to know when moving across to Houdini.  We’ll go through the interface so you can quickly and easily navigate your way around. To shift from Maya to Houdini requires to understand how […]

Fable 3 Legends announced

fable 3

Here are some images and videos on the game I’m working on called Fable Legends, or Fable 3 as many have called it. Fable 3 videos Here’s the trailer. Here’s an interview on the IGN website that should answer a lot of the questions that you have. Fable 3 – Images And here are some […]

How to put VFX and animation into your film


I’ve been asked so often how to integrate VFX and CG into film by low and no budget filmmakers.  I’ve written a quick guide on how you can put in VFX and CG into your movie, whatever budget you are working at this process will work for you. Follow this simple process i.                     Find out […]