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Nitro Dust – how to make an animation movie in 4 days

Hi everyone, I recently finished directing my second animation of the year ‘Nitro Dust’ a psuedo-prequel to the hugely succesful animated movie Digitopia: Discover Me, Nitro Dust is set in the same universe a little earlier in the timeline of the story. I had a small team of artists and we made this movie in just […]


How to put VFX and animation into your film

I’ve been asked so often how to integrate VFX and CG into film by low and no budget filmmakers.  I’ve written a quick guide on how you can put in VFX and CG into your movie, whatever budget you are working at this process will work for you. Follow this simple process i.                     Find out […]


VFX Cloud Studio 2.0 – What it means for Producers and Artists

Hello everyone, buoyed on from the success of VFX and CG Survival Guide for Filmmakers and Producers (Kindle – I’ve been approached by independent film producers to provide VFX for their projects.  The requests have come from far and wide, some asking for quotes others asking me to carry out the work. This post is about […]

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3D Portfolio

fable 3

Fable 3 Legends announced

Here are some images and videos on the game I’m working on called Fable Legends, or Fable 3 as many have called it. Fable 3 videos Here’s the trailer. Here’s an interview on the IGN website that should answer a lot of the questions that you have. Fable 3 – Images And here are some […]

maya fluid water

London 2012 – Maya Cloth, nParticles and lighting

I recently finished a job working on Olympics presentations for the London 2012 games. I used Maya for the lighting and effects for the various 2012 logos. I lit these 2012 stings that appear on the giant jumbtrons. Any time any event is about to take place the 2012 logo will fly right on screen and […]

animation studios Pirates

Pirates! Aardman Animation Studios set tour

Here is a cool video from David Sztypuljak from HeyUGuys when he came to visit us at the Aardman animation studios set of Pirates! He’s done a pretty cool commentary too.  Hopefully it’ll show why it’s so cool to work here. Working at Aardman Animation Studios was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had […]

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VFX and CF for Producers and Filmmakers - Amazon bestseller

How to write a book and launch it – Launching VFX book to number 1 best-seller spot on Amazon

This post is about how to write a book and launch it to number 1 bestseller list on Amazon. So the past month I have been really busy launching my book ‘VFX and CG for Producers and Filmmakers’ on Amazon. Paperback US and International -> UK -> Austria and Germany -> France -> Italy -> […]


Just Pitch It – how to sell your screenplay

source: Been a bit quiet on the blogging  front for a while – apologies, it’s not been for the lack of wanting to blog but moreover that I’ve had not one, not two, but three pitches to deliver.  I’m not at liberty to say to whom I’m pitching to, suffice to say that they […]

Real Life Filmmaking


Five filmmaking lessons learnt at Guerilla filmmaking masterclass

In this blog post I’m going to take you through five lessons I learnt at the last ever Guerilla Filmmaking masterclass, beware you’re going to learn more than just about filmmaking. So it was an early start on Saturday as I headed somewhat wearily towards Baker Street for the final Guerilla filmmaking masterclass, it was touted as […]


Being a filmmaker and having three full time jobs – only one wage…

This entry is about holding down a full time job in VFX, being a filmmaker making an independent movie and being a dad, how to pack three full time jobs into twenty four hours. How much time can you actually spend making your movie? Anyone who has had a baby in the past ten years […]

conflict of interests: being a dad vs being a filmmaker

How to balance your time, energy and commitment that it takes to be a filmmaker and at the same time be a parent. Both require huge dedication and commitment. As anyone who’s made an independent film knows that it takes an incredible amount of determination and sacrifice to accomplish anything. As anyone who’s a parent […]

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3D Tutorials

Maya to Houdini Conversion Course: Part 2c – collisions, how to playblast in Houdini

Maya to Houdini Conversion Course: Part 2c – collisions, how to playblast in Houdini

In this lesson Maya to Houdini conversion course you will be able to start creating particle collisions, adjusting colours, creating different instances of geometry onto your particle simulation and quickly and easily preview them in Houdini’s equivalent of a playblast. In lesson 2c you will learn collisions how to set up a collision POP adjusting […]


Maya to Houdini Conversion Course: Part 2a – Particle Set up

This lesson will quickly and easily get you up and running with particles in Houdini and lays the foundation for further particle exploration In lesson 2a you will learn Basic particle setup in Maya versus Houdini Going beyond the shelf buttons to construct your own particle objects What the POP node is Different types of […]

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Animation, VFX & Crowd Sim Reference


animation reference – lamp post being wrenched out of the ground

I found some really interesting animation reference of a lamp post being hoisted out of the ground.  An industrial sized wrench pulls the lamp post out of the ground.  Really interesting points to note how the lamp portion of the post instantly swings down how to post reacts to a new pivot point (previously being […]


water FX reference – water impacts

As part of my collecting animation reference I filmed myself and my boy dropping pine cones into a small pond.  There’s lots of interesting water impacts as the pine cone lands in the water, plus ripples and the cone submerging into the water before popping out.  I’ve put it in slow motion too. The start […]


fish animation reference – fish in pond

As part of my collecting animation reference I filmed myself and my boy feeding fish at a local pond.  It’s hard to know how to class this, initially I had thought this would be a good crowd simulation reference, but when the food landed in the water I instantly thought water FX but then the […]


FX reference – bubbles from water can in water

As part of my collecting animation reference I filmed myself submerging a water can full of air into a water tank.  As I did it the water pushed the air out of the opening making lots of large bubbles which then ripple through the water.  I’ve put it in slow motion too. The start point […]


Fish animation reference – in a tank

As part of my collecting animation reference I filmed a gold fish in a fish tank diving low and swimming back up, the fish’s tail is really wonderful the way in which it flows in the water.  There’s some very interesting bubbles coming out of the deep sea diver’s helmet, buy I couldn’t get a […]

crowd sim reference people_at_Istanbul_airport

Crowd Sim – People walking in airport

I’ve done a lot of work as a crowd sim TD, trying to get good reference footage by someone who knows what they are trying to achieve is very difficult.  That’s why I’m building  a repository of crowd simulation reference, something that is totally lacking on the internet.  On the way back from holiday I […]

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